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Spade is a creative studio established in 2015 in Cairo, Egypt, that provides digital and graphic services it started with the aim of providing unique products personalized to the need of the clients, with each of the team members having a background in Design, Software Development, and Client Man¬agement alike, proving top-notch, clean-cut, efficient and exclusive products is part of Spade’s DNA. The company was created to try and narrow down the gap between the hungry market for innovative solutions and young professionals striving for excellence in their field.



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What we can Do for you

Branding & Layout Design and Production

Understand the Brand

The first step should always be knowing the brand, it's strategy, mission, vision and core values should be clear


Client Brief

A clearly communicated client brief driven from the brand strategy will help rationalize the design decision and visual identity for both parties


Research and Competitive Analysis

Researching the market, the brand's target audience and its competitors while understanding its edge


Sketching & Feedback

From brainstorming and triggering Keywords gathering to pencil and paper sketching the initial idea. The Emotional response to the initial sketches determine the fate of the concept, team and client feedback and essential in this phase


Logo Design & CIM

Developing the sketches to a complete concept with icon, suggested typography and color pallete and developing the identity manual to include all the dos and don'ts, logo placement and brand messages


Branding Application

Creating branding items and advertising material all the way to printing and production implementation

Websites & Mobile apps Design & Developement

Client Brief

It all starts with the client requirements, brief and expectations; it highlights the purpose of the product, the gap and an urge for a solution


Requirements Analysis & Documentation

The requirements phases question all the requirements and answers all the questions, it includes market research, competitive analysis, and a suggestion for the ultimate solution


UI/UX Design

Then comes the user centered phase, it all starts with a solution for the user and should end by a convenient application to this user. It is a well known fact that user experience can make or break any product


Frontend & Backend Development

The cooking phase, all the ingredients are ready and waiting for the mix; from building a neat architectured database, non-technical friendly CMS to bringing the designs to life. Great developers just don't read the requirements they understand and challenge it.


Launch Plan

It starts with the client review and UAT (yes clients test too) to adding all the essential launch tools as Content Development, Google Analytics, Google Web master tools, and Google Tag Manager to the BIG day


Maintenance & Support

It just doesn't end here, It's as much is our baby as the client's. We become on a 24/7 call for an server or code incidents

  • Logo Design & Identity Manual
  • Stationary Design
  • Branded Items
  • Printing Material
  • Advertising & Marketing Material
  • Production
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Digital Product Development

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Our Partners

Egyptian Media

It's our holding, we belong to this Media investment giants along with 32 other media related successful subsidiaries. Egyptian Media Group was created with an aim to develop the media sector in Egypt and provide the quality and expertise required to regain Egypt’s leadership in the region. Empowered by the most advanced technologies, the creative Egyptian minds, and the leadership of the most professional and successful executives in the media market, Egyptian Media Group is a conglomerate of all types of media; print, broadcast, and digital.