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Nadine Hammam
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The Challenge

It is always said that Art needs an Audience; therefore, Nadine Hammam, an Egyptian, London-based artist, needed an online platform to connect with her audience around the world. This project was particularly challenging for Spade's team due to the very special nature of art's audience: you do not mess with an audience with an artistic taste.

The Concept

Since Nadine h. studio primarily targets an audience of visual arts, the website did not have to be crowded or dynamic. Otherwise, Nadine h. Studio's website is quite simple with a white background, so her strongly-colored paintings would stand out. The website relies on two main colors: bright pink and grey. Pink is the color that is usually connected to women, while grey, the more dominant color, is a neutral one, highlighting her deconstructive message against gender dynamics and stereotypes.

The Launch

The project was launched in 2016 in a simple design with several categories, introducing the art, her exhibitions, and major publications about her art contributions. The website is very simple and well-organized that Nadine Hammam's followers can easily enjoy a tour among her masterpieces.

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UI/UX Design
Web & Mobile App Development