The relaunching of the new ON E website with the new branding and new everything, from their star hosts, exclusive TV series, and their entertaining content; the channel continues its success and retain its spot among the top entertainment channels in Egypt.

ON Network
UI/UX Design,Web & Mobile App Development

The UI Guidelines

Proving that a process is a process regardless of tight timelines, the team worked with the color rich branding guidelines to choose a color set that would work with the miscellaneous content and and an icon set that would be both unique but relate-able for the users.

The Website

The content rich website was designed smartly to fit the change of themes as Ramadan, the layout was constructed in a way to complement the different campaigns and content.

The Launch

The Relaunching of the ON Network just before Ramadan, with its broadcasting channels of ON E, ON Live, and ON Sport, the digital launch of the ON E website is just the start, the mobile application and ON Live and ON Sport website are to follow.

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