Hitchhiker is a social network platform that connects shippers who are looking for a cheaper and faster way to send their packages and travelers who have extra space in their luggage and looking for way to make extra money

UI/UX Design
Digital Solutions

App Flow

The user experience centered phase, it starts with a simple site map, then wireframing ALL the screens and then rationalizing the flow with a structured storyboard to cover and test all the possible user scenarios. The app had two types of users with four possible scenarios which made the storyboard more challenging, to say the least, the below image is just a sample of the final story board.

The Application

The creative phase where all the colors, fonts, shapes, and patterns happen; creating an interactive design that matches both the young and energetic audience while maintaining the an impression of trustworthy and professionalism.

The Launch

The app was officially launched in 2017 with a good amount of positive feedback and suggestions for new and complimentary features

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Printing & Production